There were two different coffee spots within a five-minute walk, depending on what sounded good that morning.

The first place was the Black and White Coffee Shop.  Their Brewed coffee and breakfast were amazing.   Spending the morning there watching the world wake up and walk through the doors was a wonderful way to experience the locality of life.





The second place I found was The Coffee Studio and it has amazing pour-over coffee from different regions.  The first afternoon that I was there, I ordered their large pour-over, not thinking about the metric conversion, and ended up with a huge pot of coffee.  Of course, I had to drink it all so I was spun out for the rest of the day. 


I love wandering the streets of a new place and seeing what I find. I’m always hesitant to take someone’s photo so I always ask first. This precious woman was standing in her doorway watching the world go by.




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