He Surrendered to Win

I’ve spent nearly half my life in Alcoholics Anonymous. I got sober at 23, and now I’m 51 and just celebrated my 28th sobriety anniversary. It’s been the journey of my adult life – one of learning to surrender over and over. I’ve surrendered to get sober and I’ve surrendered to keep the gift of sobriety. Before I got sober, alcohol – and alcoholism – were always a part of my life. I don’t remember much, but the memories I have where alcohol was present are not positive. The disease must have spread through my home even before I was […]

Turning The Corner

We boarded an early morning flight to a place unexplored, the intersection of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. After what seemed like hours tucked into a metal tube, we disembark into the hot afternoon sun, welcomed by a small outdoor terminal frequently found in warmer climates where the windows and doors are more decorative than anything else. It’s a moment of excitement and remarkable change, having escaped the rain of the Pacific Northwest and joined my daughter, having been invited to travel with her overseas. She’s been a partner-in-adventure for many years.  I reflect back upon a time long past,  […]

Waking up in Lagos

There were two different coffee spots within a five-minute walk, depending on what sounded good that morning. The first place was the Black and White Coffee Shop.  Their Brewed coffee and breakfast were amazing.   Spending the morning there watching the world wake up and walk through the doors was a wonderful way to experience the locality of life.         The second place I found was The Coffee Studio and it has amazing pour-over coffee from different regions.  The first afternoon that I was there, I ordered their large pour-over, not thinking about the metric conversion, and ended […]

Mehayo – 12 Years Later

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since I visited the Mehayo Center in Morogoro, Tanzania.  I went there as a project for CreativeCares and worked to tell the story of disabled children in Africa from a different perspective.  So often, the media subjects us to images of starving children in horrible circumstances and I wanted to see it through a different lens, literally.  It was my idea that if you tell the success stories, even in hardship, people will donate based on hope rather than despair.     

Journey to the end of the continent

No matter where I travel, you’ll find me watching the sunset. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to the magic of the sunset. It took me years of travel for me to understand that I was drawn to the west coast of whatever continent that I was on.  When I found myself in Lagos Portugal, I knew that I was close to the southwestern-most point of Europe in Sagres and that I had to venture there for a sunset. After asking around, the best bet to get there was to take an Uber so off […]