Just feeling sadness today, feeling a bit of melancholy around the fact that this part of my journey is coming to an end.

What’s next has yet to really reveal itself…

I know that I’ll spend the summer in New Mexico, at my little home, seeing Mark, seeing Jen, doing some trips, working on my writing, working on my projects.

And maybe that’s what I need to focus on more?

What does it look like to make these journal entries?

What does it mean to do something more, something different? What’s next?

Where does the inspiration come from?

What are the choices to be made next?

I sent the letters off to the kids yesterday, packed into a suitcase to be mailed in the States today.

I wonder what will come of that?

I wonder if they’ll even respond?

I wonder if they’ll even open the letters?

Who knows?

That’s not my place to know…

It’s simply my place to take the action, to reach out to try to be the person that I know that I’m supposed to be in this burgeoning life…

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